News 2014

Helsinki, Mastery Show, 6th September

This time the judge was Tiina Taulos from Finland, and it was  BOB for Grisha. Zira was BOS with CAC to both. Jaana showed both kids as I was judging in Sweden.


Tervakoski INT show, 31st August

Grisha took another BOB in Tervakoski under Finnish Terrier specialist Tapio Ranta. Zira was BOS,  CAC and because they were in the Intermediate class for the first time, CACIB to both kids. Total entry: 3.


Raisio, 16th August

Grisha took his first BOB in Raisio under Australian judge Sandra Mashford. Zira was BOS,  CAC to both kids. Total entry: 4.



World Dog Show and the specialty shows in Finland

Terrier Specialty, 6th of August, judge Luc Detry, Belgium

We entered two dogs and they did very well. Nezhnoye Plamya Zhrebiy Udachi ”Grisha” was 2nd in junior class, placing finally as best male #4 from the junior class. It was one of the hottest days of the summer but our kids handled very well.  The venue was Hakunila Sport Park in Vantaa. The place is unfortunately too small for a big show like this, over 1500 terriers… Total entry 37.


Those baggy shorts thanks to crossfit! In the first photo Grisha is being examined by the judge; in the second photo he is placing 2nd in junior class. On the right the winner, Red Wire Mastermind.  Photos by Ted v d Walle.


Grisha 4th best male. 14 months of age. 18 males entered.


Irish Terrier Specialty, 7th of August, judge Thomas Hehir, Ireland

Another super hot day, this time in Tuomarinkartano Sighthound Center.  Total entry was 54.  Grisha placed 3rd in junior males from 8 entries – after 2 Swedish dogs.


Zira placed 4th from 10 entries in junior class.


Photos by Ted v d Walle


World Dog Show, 8th of August, judge Giuseppe Alessandra, Italy

Our longhaired standard Dachshund Ch Badamtam’s Kiss And Tell ”Andi” got reserve CACIB from 60 bitches! (Old photo, until we get some new ones…)




Ted, Joe, Andi and I celebrated by having a road trip to Helsinki Marketplace. Joe was obviously planning to dognap Andi…


World Dog Show, 9th of August, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland

Saturday was a bit easier – no tent, foldable chairs or lots of cold drinks to carry! This time the entry was 39.  Our team did all right. Grisha placed 3rd in junior class.


Photo by Ted v d Walle

Zira placed second in junior class and was later rewarded with the reserve CAC – ”vice junior winner”!


Photo by Riikka Leppänen


Photo by Ted v d Walle.  I don´t hold up her tail, she has temperament, lots of it.



We had some very very memorable days with our dear friends Joe Philip and Ted v d Walle. Thank you guys! Welcome back!


Joe and Jaana enjoying sunshine, Jaffa and coffee in Helsinki by the seaside. JAFFA!!!



Zira BOB in Karjaa

Nezhnoye Plamya Zhrida Popedy ”Zira”  was BOB in Karjaa National, July 6th. Her brother Nezhnoye Plamya Zhrebiy Udachi ”Grisha” got excellent. Judge Vesa Lehtonen, Finland.



Zira BOB and Grisha BOS in Tampere!

Nezhnoye Plamya Zhrida Popedy ”Zira” took another straight BOB in Tampere International, May 4th. Her brother Nezhnoye Plamya Zhrebiy Udachi ”Grisha” was best of opposite.  Both juniors got the CC. You don’t have to worry if the dogs are what ITs should be like – curious, brave and fearless!

The judge was terrier specialist Tiina Hallstén, FI.



Super update: Zira BIS 3 Junior in Lahti!

Nezhnoye Plamya Zhrida Popedy was out in her first official show and took her first BOB win (5 Irish entered) with CC. She also was placed as BIS 3 Junior (among 100 other youngsters) in the BIS Junior under judge Paula Rekiranta, FI.



Churro (Ch Betirish Extraordinary Finland Star) was Best of Opposite with CACIB:




Our Dachshund male Aaron (Fardarrigh Easy On The Eye) was Best Male #4 under judge Markku Kipinä the following day.




Great start of the year: Group 2 to Zira!

In Lahti Puppy Show on the 19th January, 2014, our new import Zira (Nezhnoye Plamya Zhrida Popedy) took a nice Group 2 under judge Markku Kipinä, FI. The little girl is only 8 months old. Photo by Jin Kaakinen.