FI CH Nezhnoye Plamya Zhrebiy Udachi ”Grisha”

Born: 25th May, 2013
Neutered. Living in foster home.
Sire: J Rus Ch, J Kz Ch J UA Ch, Kz Ch Vortan Volna Uspeha
Dam: O’Nut Glen Easy-Now-Extra

”Grisha” at Finnish Kennel Club’s Database < direct link

Breeder: Sofya Bobukh, Russia

Mental tested, +157 p, 6th June 2016. Judges Auli Kiminki and Pirjo Ojala-Laine


  • Tampere International, May 2014: Junior class, BOS, CAC
  • Karjaa National, July 2014: Junior class, EXC1
  • Helsinki, All Terrier Specialty Show, August 2014: Junior class, Exc 2, CCQ, Best dog 4
  • Helsinki, IT Specialty, August 2014: Junior class, EXC 3
  • Helsinki, World Dog Show, August 2014: Junior class, EXC 3
  • Raisio National, August 2014: Junior class, BOB, CAC
  • Janakkala (Tervakoski), August 2014: Intermediate class, BOB, CAC, CACIB
  • Helsinki National, September 2014: Intermediate class, BOB, CAC, CACIB
  • Finished his Ch title in Riihimäki, June 2015, first time shown in open class, CAC & BOB


  • eye screened & clear 21 Dec 2017, COLA values 21 Dec 2017 with values well within reference value (Laboklin). DNA tested (waiting for hyperkeratosis result)

BOB in Raisio, August 2014, 15 months

IT Specialty, Helsinki, August 2014, at 15 months

World Terrier Show, Vantaa, August 2013, at 15 months

Grisha 5 months, newly arrived in Finland, October 2013

In Saratov, 3,5 months old