News 2012

Puppies born!

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Finnish Winner Show, 9th December

The Winner show was also a success for us. Under judge Tiina Hallsten, we managed to have both BOB and BOS – BOB to Ch Fardarrigh Cutting Edge ”Reima” and BOS to Ch Fardarrigh Dirty Work ”Sissi”. Well done! Ch Fardarrigh Dark Roast ”Sinna” was Best Bitch #2.

ROP-VSP-W-12 Reima-W-12_podium2

Junior Winner title went to Churro who was Best Dog #2 on the day:



Helsinki Winner Show, 8th December

We had a great day with only Churro and Rilla in the ring under judge Svante Frisk, Sweden. Betirish Extraordinary Finland Star a.k.a. Churro turned out to be the only Irish on the day who got the CCQ so he gained both HeW-12 and HeJW-12 titles.  Exc1 to Fardarrigh Filthy Rich ”Rilla”.

Churro_HeW_Svante Churro_HeW-12BOB



Puppy news!

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Seinäjoki International, 27th October

Dirty Work was back in the ring! She got the BOB,  Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill BB2,  Filthy Rich placed #rd in Best Bitch with another CC.  BOS again to Fardarrigh Dead Man Walking.  Our breed judge was Mr Matti Luoso.  We also had BOB breeder´s group and were shortlisted in the breeder´s BIS competition, no placing this time.

Our points were enough to keep us at the 6th place in the hard breeders´competition. Hooray! We had a bit of bad luck when Sissi broke her nail, and some of the dogs we thought we would have an opportunity to show in Kuopio did not come up, but on the whole it was a great year for us, we enjoyed it a lot, and we certainly learned a lot.  Thank you to all dog owners and handlers who were a big part of the success!

Winning BIS in Lappeenranta under judge Juha Putkonen

Our placings in season 2012:

  • Jyväskylä INT BIS 4
  • Turku INT BIS 1
  • Lappeenranta NAT BIS 1
  • Salo Nat BIS 3
  • Kotka INT BIS 3
  • Karjaa INT BIS 1
  • Mikkeli INT BIS 3
  • Irish Terrier Specialty BIS 1


Turku International, 21st October

Another BOB for Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill, BOS to the bro Fardarrigh Dead Man Walking. Young girls Fit As A Fiddle and Filthy Rich placed in their class 1st and 2nd with Exc. Our breed judge was Mr Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki.  We also had BOB breeder´s group in the ring.


Porvoo National, 9th September

BOB for Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill, BB2 with CC to F. Filthy Rich.  F. Dirty Work had broken her nail and was on sick leave. VG to F. Full Tilt.  Judge Mr Vesa Lehtonen. No breeder´s group.


Churro, our Spanish boy 9 months


Irish Terrier Specialty, 25th Aug.

This is our BIS winner:

Ch Fardarrigh Dead Man Walking, owned by Miia Kotkaniemi, was BIS in The Irish Terrier Association of Finland specialty show in Vantaa. Total of 48 Irish were entered, and that is the biggest number we have seen in years. The judge was Matti Luoso, Finland.

Elmeri won the big champion class (9 dogs) and was best dog (of 20 dogs).

BOS with CC was our 16 months old bitch, Fardarrigh Filthy Rich:

Rilla is shown by co-owner Riikka Leppänen. There were 28 bitches entered.

In the best bitch class we had 2 other nice placements:

Best bitch #3: Ch Fardarrigh Dirty Work, #2 Ch Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill.

There were 3 breeder´s groups competing of the appreciated BOB breeder win, and we won it! In all these years I have won BOB breeder in our specialty every time that I have shown a group, except once when kennel MerryMac was #1. The club is 25 years old this year, but shows were not arranged in the early years.

Dogs from left F. Dead Man Walking, F. Dirty Work, F. Dressed To Kill and F. Filthy Rich.

Other results: Betirish Extraordinary Finland Star EXC3, Fardarrigh Full Tilt VG1, Ch Fardarrigh Cutting Edge EXC3 CCQ (CC quality), Honeybird v. Irish Red EXC2 CCQ from the big junior class in which 14 bitches were entered, Fardarrigh Fit As A Fiddle EXC2 CCQ, Ch Fardarrigh Dodge The Bullet EXC, Ch Fardarrigh Dark Roast EXC.

All photos by Tuomas Vaalto.


Finnish Terrier Organization All Terrier Specialty, 25th Aug.

We had super success in also this show on the same day – entry was as high as 42 for Irishman Kevin Maye. The BOB winner was one of our pretty girls, Ch Fardarrigh Dirty Work, shown by owner Juuli Vaalto:

Sissi being examined by the judge.

Ch Fardarrigh Dark Roast was Best bitch #3, shown by owner Kati Tarkiainen.

Ch Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill was Best bich #4, shown by co-owner Jaana Tschokkinen.

We showed BOB breeder´s group also in this show; 3 groups in breed entered. From left: Ch Fardarrigh Dark Roast, Ch Fardarrigh Dirty Work, Ch Dressed To Kill, Fardarrigh Fit As A Fiddle (winner of intermediate class).

Our group in the Terrier Specialty final ring. Photo by Katja Päivinen.

Betirish Extraordinary Finland Star was EXC4 in the big junior class with good critique:

All photos, except the one from the final ring by Tuomas Vaalto.


Kouvola National, 18th August

Fardarrigh Dirty Work BOB, Dressed To Kill Best Bitch #2, Filthy Rich #3. Breeder´s group BOB and representing breed in the big ring.


Summer Helsinki All Breeds Show, 11th Aug.

Fardarrigh Filthy Rich was the only Fardarrigh shown on the day and she made it to BOS with CC. Judge Harry Tast, Finland.


3 International shows in Kuopio –  Sawo Show, 3rd, 4th, 5th August

Although we did not manage to gather breeder´s groups in the Kuopio Shows, we still had a couple of nice results. Even with Norwegian competitors in the ring, our D girls managed to get the BOB wins on each day: Fardarrigh Dirty Work on Friday and Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill on Saturday and Sunday.

Honeybird v. Irish Red was BOB Junior on Friday and represented us in the Royal Canin Junior competition in the big ring. She also got the CC. Judge was Mr Stelios Makaritis from Greece.

Ch Fardarrigh Dirty Work in the terrier ring on Friday.

Saturday: BOS Norwegian Ca-Miba´s Ups Up owned by Karin Midhjelt Bakke – BOB Ch Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill. Judge Rodi Hubenthal, Norway.

Champion bitches; Ussi on the left.

On Sunday, the judge was Nina Karlsdotter from Sweden, and her winners were the same: BOB Ch Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill, BOS Ca-Miba´s Ups Up. Unfortunately I didn´t get a better photo of the male.

All the three shows gathered more than 3000 dogs, Saturday being the biggest with over 3600 dogs.


Mikkeli INT – BOB, BOS, BIS 3 breeder

Jaana, Kati, Suvi and Riikka took care of our team´s visibility in Mikkeli in 28th July (while I was judging in Pori INT) and made my day by gaining a great BIS 3 placing in the breeders´competition, judged by MALGORZATA WIEREMIEJCZYK-WIERZCHOWSKA, Poland. Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill ”ussi” was BOB on the day, Fardarrigh Cutting Edge ”Reima” was BOS under terrier specialist Markku Kipinä. Fardarrigh Fit As  A Fiddle gained another CC.  Photo by Sinikka Eloranta.

Wirehaired Dachshund Fardarrigh Emerals Isle was BOS with CC and CACIB under judge Anne Sume, Estonia. Go Isla!


Karjaa INT – BOB, BIS 1 breeder

”It is always sunny in Karjaa” was not excactly the case on July 7th, however, we had a nice day. Our judge was Rainer Vuorinen, one of the most appreciated Finnish judges of all time. Our junior bitches Fardarrigh Filthy Rich ”Rilla” and Fit As A Fiddle ”Nessa” both received EXC with great critiques; Our champions Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill and Dirty Work were competing against each other in the end. Dressed To Kill ”Ussi” won BOB on the day.

In the main ring our breeder´s group went to another valuable BIS 1 win under judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari.

Winning BIS 1 breeder in Karjaa. Thank you to our wonderful team: Anne, Riikka, Juuli, Jaana, Tuomas and Niilo!

Dachshund Main Specialty, Harjavalta – BOB, BOS, BIS 3 working dog

We had a good time in Harjavalta in the 30th June with our low-legged ones. First of all, our 14 months old Standard Wirehaired bitch Fardarrigh Emerald Isle ”Isla” went to BOB with CC from junior class. The judge was Tarmo Viirtelä, Finland.

In Standard Longhaired our Champion bitch Badamtam´s Kiss And Tell ”Andi” went to BOS, and later to BIS 3 working dog in the main ring.

Freunds Lemminkäinen as BOS, Fardarrigh Emeral Isle as BOB in Dachshund Main Specialty.

Best bitch ring in progress
BOS Ch Badamtam´s Kiss And Tell with Jaana, BOB (and BIS 3) Badamtam´s Querido Mio with breeder-owner Pauliina Sjöholm. Judge Leni Finne, Finland.  Pauliina´s breeder´s group went to BIS 1 in the main ring. Also her BOB veteran Ch Badamtam´s Quienquiera (grandmother to both the BOB and BOS) was BIS 3 veteran.
Ch Badamtam´s Kiss And Tell, BIS 3 Dachshund with working merits.

Kotka INT – BOB, BOS, BIS 3 Breeder, another new champion

We are always lucky in Kotka, and this was the case even on 17th June. Our judge was terrier specialist Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari.  ”Reima” Ch Fardarrigh Cutting Edge was BOB and ”Ussi” Ch Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill BOS. Best bitch 2 was Ch Fardarrigh Dirty Work ”Sissi”, and Best bitch 4 Fardarrigh Dodge The Bullet with CC – so she finished her championship in heavy competition. This makes a total of 5 Champions in this litter of 5 puppies! Later in the main ring our breeder´s group went to BIS 3 under judge Annukka Paloheimo.

Reima as BOB in Kotka – where we enjoyed true Finnish weather most of the day.

Aptus INT, Helsinki – BOB, BOB Junior, BIS 4 Junior

On 16th June, our judge was Paolo Dondina from Italy. Ch Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill ”Ussi” was BOB. In junior dogs, Fardarrigh Full Tilt ”Rasmus”, owned by Thea Wallenius-Mikkonen, was BOB junior with his first CC. He went to BIS 4 Junior later on the day, under judge Paolo Dondina. Our breeder´s group was picked up among the top 6 in the main ring.

Ch Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill
Fardarrigh Full Tilt with handler Julia Mikkonen
Fardarrigh breeder´s group in the main ring. Photo by Taina Nygård/Koirauutiset

Salo All Breeds – BOB & BOS, BIS 4 Breeder

In Salo the judge was Juha Putkonen, Finland. We had a nice day with great results. Ch Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill ”Ussi” was BOB, and her brother Dead Man Walking ”Elmeri” was BOS. Fardarrigh Filthy Rich ”Rilla” won the junior class with CC, second was her sister Fit As A Fiddle ”Nessa”. Our breeder´s group went to BIS 4 later in the main ring competition, judged by Juha Putkonen.


Joensuu INT – BOB!

In Joensuu International 27th May – judge terrier specialist Kimmo Mustonen, Finland – Fardarrigh Dodge The Bullet ”Unna”, owned by Raili Kaasinen, was Best of Breed with CACIB and CC.


Tampere INT – BOB & BOS!

Tampere international 13th May – judge Elizabeth Walmsley, Australia (Coolaney Irish Terriers). Photos by Tuomas Vaalto.

Ch Fardarrigh Dead Man Walking (owned by Miia Kotkaniemi) who finished his title on the previous day at Hamina International with BOS, had a super day at Tampere when breeder specialist Liz Walmsley put him to BOB.

Our champion girls Dirty Work and Dressed to Kill were Best bich #1 and #2. Sissi, owned by Juuli & Tuomas Vaalto was handled by Cita Toikka; Ussi, owned by Jetta & Jaana Tschokkinen handled by Jaana.

BOB: Elmeri, BOS: Sissi

Our little girl Fardarrigh Filthy Rich and Fit As A Fiddle were shown in juniors (4 bitches), both with VG. Rilla was class #1, Nessa #2.

Fardarrigh breeder´s group BOB group with HP


Hamina INT – cold wind but hot wins

Hamina international 12th May – judge Boris Spoljaric, Croatia

BOB: Ch Fardarrigh Dirty Work, BB2 Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill. BOS: Fardarrigh Dead Man Walking, BD#2 Fardarrigh Cutting Edge.  Fardarrigh breeder´s group BOB group with HP.  Terribly, terribly cold day at Hamina Bastioni.


Lahti INT – another BOB to Reima and Ch title to Sinna!

Lahti international 29th April – judge Ingrid Borchorst, Denmark

Reima (Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, owned by Suvi Tarkiainen) took a valuable BOB win at Lahti International, judged by terrier specialist Ingrid Borchorst. Also on the day there was another champion to the D litter as Sinna, Fardarrigh Dark Roast (below), owned by Kati Tarkiainen, took her finishing CC along with BB#2.


Luke – new Spanish Champion!

We just got mail – Luke has become a Spanish Champion! A big thank you to Irene Arrizabalaga Atxaerandio who has made it possible!


Lappeenranta All Breeds, 9 April 2012

Judge Harri Lehkonen (FI)

Rasmus, Fardarrigh Full Tilt making his debut in the official ring. Owner-handler Julia Mikkonen. Result Exc/2.

Ch Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, owned by Suvi Tarkiainen, best dog and BOB.

New Finnish Champion on the day: Fardarrigh Dirty Work, owned by Juuli and Tuomas Vaalto. Congratulations!

In junior class F. Filthy Rich got exc/1 and in open class F. Dodge The Bullet exc/2.

BOB Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, BOS Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill

Fardarrigh breeder´s group BOB with HP

Ch Fardarrigh Cutting Edge was a semifinalist in the group ring, judge Tino Pehar (CR)

Fardarrigh breeder´s group went to Best in show 1 under judge Juha Putkonen (FI)!

Thank you to the whole team: Thea, Julia and Jouni, Suvi and Jussi, Tuomas, Juuli and Niilo, Raili and Saija, Riikka, Jaana – and of course our home support group Kati and Sinikka. This was the second BIS 1 this year and we are currently at #4 in the breeders´ competition!


Latvian Winner Show, 17-18 March 2012

Judge: Astrid Lundava, Ee

Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill is the new Latvian Winner with CC and CACIB (photo by Ksenija Sizova).

Our NL import Honeybird v Irish Red became Latvian Junior Winner with Junior CC (photo by Ted v d Walle).

Our junior Dachshunds, Fardarrigh Easy On The Eye and Emerald Isle both gained the Junior Winner Titles. Aaron was Best Dog with BOS and Isla best bitch #2. Well done, babies!

Group Show in Tuusniemi, 24 Feb 2012

Judge: Christian Stefanescu, ROM

BOB and CC to Ussi, Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill. This makes her the first from the successfull D litter to finish her champion title.  Thank you Jaana for handling Ussi, and Nea for the champion photo!


Group Show in Keuruu, 4 Feb 2012

Judge: Maija Mäkinen, FIN (terrier specialist)

BOB and CC to Unna, Fardarrigh Dodge The Bullet, owned by Raili Kaasinen. Unna is the fifth in this litter to gain CC! Well done D litter! BOS to Fardarrigh A Quiet Storm, owned by Saija Kaasinen.


INT Show in Turku, 21 Jan 2012

Photo by TEXTerri

Judge: Istvan Czik, Germany – BIS breeder judge Torbjörn Skaar, Sweden

We had a change of judges in this breed and got another German judge instead of Irish Terrier breeder judge Hans Grüttner. Fardarrigh Dead Man Walking was Best dog #2 with CC and CACIB. Our 3 girls did well, Dirty Work, ”Sissi” was Best bitch with CC and CACIB and her sister Dark Roast ”Sinna” was Best bitch #2 with res-CC and reserve CACIB.  Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill was 2nd in her class (EXC). Also two junior bitches from our latest litter in April 2011, F. Filthy Rich and Fit As A Fiddle were shown, both with Very Good.

Our breeder´s group got HP and went to the big ring, where we ended up as Best in Show 1 breeder! The judge was Torbjörn Skaar from Sweden.  Photos will be added later. What a great day! Thanks to our team once and again.


INT Show in Kajaani, 14 Jan 2012

Wirehaired Dachshunds

Judge: Perttu Ståhlberg, Finland (Dachshund specialist)

Fardarrigh Easy On The Eye, ”Aaron”, age 9 months, was out for the first time in the regular classes. He made it all the way to Best dog #2 and got the dog CC. His sister, Fardarrigh Emerald Isle, ”Isla”, did also well: her final placing was Best bitch #4. Total entry for Wirehaired Dachshunds was 43.

Irish Terriers

Judge: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland (Terrier specialist)

Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill, ”Ussi”, was BOB for the day with CC and CACIB. Total entry: 3.



Irish Terrier puppies on the way (expected in mid February)!  We have bred wonderful ”Assi” (Fardarrigh Awesome) to a super male, Fardarrigh Dead Man Walking, ”Elmeri”. More info on the puppy page.

Update: no puppies from this breeding. There will be a repeat breeding in May-June.