News 2011

November 20th

Jyväskylä International,  Judge Martha Heine, Germany

On Sunday, Fardarrigh Cutting Edge ”Reima” was BOS with CACIB, and our girls Fardarrigh Dirty Work, Dark Roast and Dressed To Kill placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the best bitch competition. To Sissi (Dirty Work) another CAC with reserve CACIB that will be confirmed as CACIB. Our breeder´s group BOB and again picked up in the finals, but no placement this time.

No snow this time in Jyväskylä…  Many thanks for a great weekend: Kati, Suvi, Sinikka and Meri!

November 19th

Jyväskylä International,  Judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland

On Saturday, Fardarrigh Cutting Edge ”Reima” was BOB with CACIB, and our girls Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill, Dark Roast and Dirty Work placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the best bitch competition. To Dressed To Kill ”Ussi” this meant another CAC with reserve CACIB that will be confirmed as CACIB. In the afternoon, our breeder´s group placed BIS 4 in the big ring under judge Annukka Paloheimo, Finland.  And there were LOTS of groups – more than 50!

Judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki´s critics on our group:

”Very beautiful group – like they were cut from the same tree. All have excellent proportions, toplines and coats. Beautiful  heads with expression and friendly, perky presence. It is easy to continue from here, all young dogs are very promising and the breeder obviously has the right impression of the breed´s essence.”
October 29th

Seinäjoki International – Judge Tiina Taulos, Finland

What a nice day out at the show. Thank you everybody, especially to Miia & Alina & Aaro for bringing Elmeri and Raili for bringing Unna to the show!

Fardarrigh Dead Man Walking, BOB with CAC and CACIB

Our girls were placed in the best bitch class: 2. F. Dressed To Kill  3. F. Dodge The Bullet 4. F. Xtra Sec

This was the last show for Xtra Sec ”Dana”, who has recently got her C.I.B. title. Thanks Danish!

Fardarrigh Dodge The Bullet

Elmeri entering the big ring

We also showed a breeder´s group that was selected in the big ring amoung the 6 finalists, but no placement this time. Thank you to Sinikka and Katja for your handling help!

Seinäjoki was the last show in the show season. The next ones, Jyväskylä in November and the Winner Shows in December will, for some funny reason from before calculator era be the first shows of the 2012 season. Our breeder´s group finished at the 16th place in the all breed list. A big thank you to all the owners and dogs; in our group we showed 7 dogs alltogether: Dana, Elmeri, Reima, Sinna, Sissi, Unna and Ussi (Fardarrigh Xtra Sec, Dead Man Walking, Cutting Edge, Dark Roast, Dirty Work, Dodge The Bullet and Dressed To Kill). Next year we hope to see some of the young ones from the 2011 litter in the rings: welcome F litter – Rilla, Nessa, Peppi, Feeli, Rasmus and Reino!

September 18th

Puppy Show for all breeds, Lohja – Judge Tanya Alhman-Stockmari, Finland

Fardarrigh Easy On The Eye - Best In Show

What a great day! We took our little boy Aron in the show for the first time, and he was BIS in Musti&Mirri Puppy Cup Show in Lohja. Super! Thank you Tanya for all the kind words.

September 14th

New judging rights

Yorkshire Terrier

September 10th

Porvoo National – Judge Tiina Hallsten, Finland

Elmeri being judged. We were lucky not to be in the ring during the heaviest rain.

BOB Dead Man Walking, BOS Dressed To Kill

Dead Man Walking. All photos by Alina Sippolainen


August 4th

NITC Jongehondendag 2011 – Young Dog Day in Holland

I had the pleasure to judge in the Nederlandse Ierse Terrier Klub´s Young Dog Day in Hoenderloo.  It was a nice day with the red dogs and the owners.  I judged 14 litters of young Irish. A big thank you to the club and especially my stewardess Mieke!

After the show I enjoyed the company of my friends Yvonne and Ted van der Walle in a cosy restaurant called Anker. Thank you!

We also visited a Wheaten Terrier kennel, kennel Camacha, and had coffee with Monique and Rob Hubner. Thank you for an interesting afternoon!

Rob with Ted and Yvonne

And I was lucky to meet again Ted´s and Yvonne´s fresh European Junior Winner and Best of Breed in the European Show, Leeuwarden:

Rockledge´s Flying Dutchman Irish Red


And it is not a good trip unless you bring home souvenirs: I took home a puppy by Dutchie, Honeybird v. Irish Red. Thank you Ted and Yvonne!

August 27th

Terri-Eri – National terrier specialty  – Judge Ann Rode, Sweden

This was the first time in the ring for Elmeri (Fardarrigh Dead Man Walking), and he did wonderfully, winning Best male and dog CC with Best of Opposite. The litter has indeed been very succesfull in the show rings. I hope to finish them all next year…

Dead Man Walking: CC and Best of Opposite in his first show

Dirty Works, Dodge the Bullet and Dressed To Kill in the intermediate class

Sissi took the BOB:

Fardarrigh Dirty Works, BOB

We also had a breeder´s group that was BOB, but no placement in the big ring.  Photo by Riikka Leppänen.

Our breeder´s group in the big ring, a big thank you to the skilfull handlers!

August 20th

Kouvola National – Judge Eeva Rautala, Finland

Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill, BIG-2

Ussi did great! Not only were we happy about all our girls getting Excellent and CCQ, but also our girl Ussi was the Best of Breed and she also placed 2nd in the hard competition in the Terrier group.

BIS-2 Breeders group

But that was not all! Our breeder´s group was placed 2nd in the BIS ring by terrier specialist (now of course an allrounder judge) Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. Thank you everybody, especially Marita and Raili for bringing the girls (and of couse Juuli and Tuomas for letting us have Sissi for the weekend) and our handlers Meri and Sinikka!  Photos by Taina Nygård.

August 3rd

New judging rights in Group 7

bourbonnaisinseisoja  –  Braque du Bourbonnais
braque de l’ariege  –  Braque de l’Ariege
braque saint-germain  –  Braque Saint-Germain
bretoni  –  Brittany
cesky fousek  –  Cesky Fousek
deutsch stichelhaar   – Deutsch Stichelhaar
drentschenpeltopyykoira  –  Partridge Dog
isomünsterinseisoja   –  Large Münsterländer
karkeakarvainen slovakianseisoja  –  Slovakian Wire-haired Pointing Dog
karkeakarvainen unkarinvizsla  –  Wire-haired Hungarian Vizsla
korthalsingriffoni  –  French Wire-haired Korthals Pointing Dog
lyhytkarvainen unkarinvizsla  –  Short-haired Hungarian Vizsla
perdiguero de burgos  –  Burgos Pointing Dog
picardienspanieli  –  Picardy Spaniel
pienimünsterinseisoja  –  Small Münsterländer
pitkäkarvainen saksanseisoja  –  Long-haired German Pointer
pont-audemerinspanieli    Spaniel de Pont-Audemer
portugalinseisoja  –  Portuguese Pointing Dog
punavalkoinen irlanninsetteri   – Irish Red and White Setter
ranskanseisoja, gascognelaistyyppi  –  Braque Francais, type Gascogne
ranskanseisoja, pyreneläistyyppi  –  Braque Francais, type Pyrenees
ranskanspanieli   –  French Spaniel
sininenpicardienspanieli  –  Blue Picardy Spaniel
spinone   – Spinone Italiano
stabyhoun  –  Stabyhoun
vanhatanskankanakoira –   Old Danish Pointing Dog
villakoirapointteri   – Pudelpointer
weimarinseisojat   – Weimaraners
–  lyhytkarvainen   –    Short-haired
–  pitkäkarvainen    –   Long-haired

July 31st

Pori, Irish Terrier Specialty Show –  Judge Ross Delmar, Ireland

Best dog Fardarrigh Cutting Edge

Intermediate bitches, our D litter girls: Dark Roast, Dirty Work and Dressed To Kill

Dark Roast

Dirty Work


Dressed To Kill

Reima was Best in Show:


In the best bitch competition our girl placed very well; 2. res-CC Fardarrigh Dirty Work, 4.  Fardarrigh Dark Roast

And our breeders group was the best:

Best in Show breeder, kennel Fardarrigh


Nessa (Fardarrigh Fit As A Fiddle), 4 months, came to see the show with owner Anne

July 30th

Pori International –  Judge John Madden, Ireland

Best of breed: Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, CACIB

BOB and BOS, with judge John Madden

Best of opposite sex: Fardarrigh Xtra Sec, CACIB, owned by Jetta Tschokkinen & Marita Pennanen

Dark Roast, Xtra Sec and Dirty Works in the best bitch competition

Fardarrigh Dirty Work

Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill

Best bitch 2: Fardarrigh Dark Roast, best bitch 3: Fardarrigh Dirty Work, best bitch 4: Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill. Photos by Tuomas Vaalto.

The judge was very nice and congratulated us on our trimming work; he seemed to like what he saw.  It was a burning hot day, it was great to relax in the evening. We had booked some cottages in Reposaari, and it was lovely  go to sauna and swim in the sea!


July 23rd

Eukanuba Interational, Helsinki –  Judge Tino Pehar, Croatia

Best of breed: Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill, CAC and CACIB

July 3rd

Karjaa National – Judge Seamus Oates, Ireland

Best of Breed: Fardarrigh Dirty Work, CAC, owned by Juuli & Tuomas Vaalto


June  19th

Kotka International – Judge: Christian Stefanescu, Romania

Best of Breed: Fardarrigh Dirty Work (on the right), CAC and CACIB, owned by Juuli & Tuomas Vaalto

BOS: Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, CACIB

Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill best bitch #2, Fardarrigh Dark Roast Excellent

Fardarrigh breeder´s group went Best in show 1 under Judge Michael Leonard, Ireland.

All photos by Tuomas Vaalto.


May 29th

Sulkava, Group show for FCI groups 3, partly 5 and 6 – Judge Paavo Mattila, FI

Best of Breed: Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, BIG 2

Best of Opposite: Fardarrigh Dark Roast, CAC


May 28th

Varkaus National – Judge Gunther Ehrenreich, D

Best of Breed: Fardarrigh Cutting Edge

Best of Opposite: Fardarrigh Dark Roast, CAC, owned by Kati Tarkiainen

May 22nd

Hamina International –  Judge Zafra Sirik, Israel

Best of Opposite Sex: Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, CACIB

Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill Best bitch #2

May 21st

International Aptus Show, Helsinki – Judge Sylvie Desserne, France (Irish Terriers)

Best of Breed: Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, CACIB (photo by Riikka Leppänen)

Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill Best bitch #2


Judge: Jose Homem de Mello, P (Longhaired Dachshunds)

Best of Opposite Sex: Badamtam´s Kiss And Tell, CAC and CACIB – finishing her Finnish Ch title

May 14th

Rauma National – Judge Beth Sweigarth, USA

Rainy day in Rauma. Best of Breed was again Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, ”Reima”

Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill Best bitch #3.

May 12th

New judging rights


May 8th

Tampere International – Judge Jaroslava Ovesna, CZ

Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill was Best bitch #4.

April 23rd

Lappeenranta International – Judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland

Best of Breed (on the left): Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, owned by Suvi Tarkiainen, with CAC + CACIB, finishing his championship (the 50th Fardarrigh Champion!)
Best of Opposite: Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill, owned by Jetta Tschokkinen & Jaana Helin with CAC + CACIB
Best bitch #3 Fardarrigh Dark Roast, owned by Kati Tarkiainen, reserve CAC

Fardarrigh Cutting Edge Group 2 under judge Mrs Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari. Her critique on ”Reima”:

”Yleisvaikutelmaltaan ryhdikäs, jäntevä uros, jonka asenne ja ryhti ilmentävät kaiken sen, joka on oleellista rodussa. Erinomainen punainen väri. Tasapainoinen käytös.”
Translation: ”In general appearance a muscular male with great posture, with an attitude and carriage that embody everything that is essential to the breed. Excellent red color. Balanced behavior.”


April 22nd 2010

Lahti International – Judge Robert D. Black, USA

Best of Breed: Fardarrigh Dirty Work, owned by Juuli and Tuomas Vaalto, professionally handled by Cita Toikka, CAC and CACIB.
Best bitch #2: Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill, owned by Jetta Tschokkinen & Jaana Helin, reserve CAC, reserve CACIB
Fardarrigh Dark Roast, owned by Kati Tarkiainen, junior class winner with Exc + CCQ

Best dog #2: Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, owned by Suvi Tarkiainen, reserve CAC, reserve CACIB. Photo by Riikka Leppänen.

Fardarrigh breeder´s group BOB and BIS 3 under judge Carmen Haller, CA. Photo by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen.
Mr Robert D. Black´s critique on our group: ”Very well matched. They all have straight front. Slighly longer than tall. All of them have straight hard coats. All of them have ears which point to the corner of the eyes. Tail set are high, toplines level. I would be proud of these myself.”


April 12th –  27th Fardarrigh Irish Terrier litter born!

Sire: Ch Fardarrigh Blimey O´Reilly

Dam: Ch Fardarrigh Xtra Sec

3 boys, 3 girls


April 3rd

First ever Fardarrigh Wirehaired Dachshund litter born!

Sire: Zekiwa Come On

Dam: Welmu Miss Zhili

4 boys, 1 girl


March 19-20th

Lithuanian Winner Show and Vilnius Cup Winner  –  Judge: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland


Fardarrigh Cutting Edge, owner Suvi Tarkiainen, made a trip with us to Lithuania with super results, he won BOB both days and was also pointed in the group on the first day by judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki (FI). His final results: 2 x BOB, 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, Lithuanian Winner 2011 and Vilnius Cup Winner 2011.


Judge Laurent Heinesche, Luxemburg (Wirehaired Dachshunds)

The wirehaired Standard Dachshund Welmu Miss Stt´Tosca won the champion class on the Winner Show and finished her Lithuanian Champion title under judge Laurent Heinesche, Luxemburg.  It was a very nice trip to Baltia with very good company, however, not much sleep!


Puppy news

Ch Fardarrigh Xtra Sec has been bred to Ch Fardarrigh Blimey O´Reilly, puppies expected in the middle of April!


Health results from the first months

25th Jan: Fardarrigh Zero Tolerance, Fardarrigh Xtra Sec and Fardarrigh Awesome eye screened and clear, Awesome had also her also knees examined and healthy, 0/0.
11th Feb: Fardarrigh Blimey O´Reilly eye screened and clear.
15th March: Dirk v. Irish Red eye screened and clear, MerryMac Yahoo at Fardarrigh (age 10 yrs) eye screened and clear. Fardarrigh Volcanic (age 7, by MerryMac X-tra Special Edition ex MerryMac Yahoo at Fardarrigh) showed nuclear cataract, mild form.


Feb 27, 2011

New judging rights

Greyhound and Italian Greyhound


Jan 21-22, 2011

Turku International – Judge Erica Pettersson, Finland

We were lucky to have 2 nice BOS wins on the first day, first with longhaired Standard Dachshund Badamtam´s Kiss And Tell (living with us, handled and groomed by Jaana, owned by Pauliina Sjöholm), and then with wirehaired Standard Welmu Miss Stt´Tosca (judged by Alexey Belkin from Russia).

In Irish, Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill was shown in junior class, unfortunately it wasn´t our day. Yvonne Cannon from the UK placed Ussi 4th in her class with Excellent.

Oh boy!