I have been owned by Irish Terriers since 1983. My first litter was born in 1986. I have never been a big breeder – a litter a year has been enough for me. Here is a listing on my litters. The most recent ones have their own pages (click the links).

Fardarrigh Twelth Night at 3 months

Fardarrigh Filthy Rich as a puppy. Phot Riikka Leppänen

I decided to be open with illnesses. Breeders who don´t have their dogs screened and health checked are fooling themselves – and the puppy buyers as well as the rest of the breed community. It is a fact that all breeds have hereditary illnesses and all individuals carry defect alleles.

We have all of our breeding stock health checked and recommend even the other dogs of our breeding to be tested.

All Fardarrigh litters

C-litter (1986) Tjällmoras Dandy – Jackpot Tiffany
D-litter (1987) Majomas Brighteyes – Fardarrigh Capriccio
F-litter (1990) Maghill of Ben´s Heir – Kibbo Kift Tina O´Toole
G-litter (1990) Clyde of Ben´s Heir – Kibbo Kift Tina O´Toole
H-litter (1990) Danskots Red Rebel – Fardarrigh Danara Bright
I-litter (1991) Braemoor´s Finn Again – Kibbo Kift Tina O´Toole
J-litter (1992) Tralee´s Hurricane Kid – Fardarrigh Danara Bright
K-litter (1993) Karamell-In Kiljander Harry – Fardarrigh Fabhra
L-litter (1994) Braemoor´s Finn Again – MerryMac Yeh Yeh Yazza
M-litter (1994) Tarcrest Double Dapper – Fardarrigh High Noon
N-litter (1995) Tralee´s Design for MerryMac – Fardarrigh Just A Must
O-litter (1995) Tralee´s Design for MerryMac – Fardarrigh Intrepid Irma
P-litter (1996) Tralee´s Hurricane Kid – Fardarrigh Looney Tunes
Q-litter (1998) Fardarrigh Near Beer – Fardarrigh Looney Tunes
R-litter (1999) Kelson´s Tralee Benchmark – Fardarrigh Northern Xposure
S-litter (1999) MerryMac Legend for Fardarrigh – Fardarrigh Panic Button – 2 epilepsy cases at about 3 yrs. 1 overshot bite.
T-litter (2001) MerryMac Magical Michael – Fardarrigh Right Stuff – 3 males + 1 female suffering from dilative cardiomyopathia (DCM) at 10+ yrs of age
V-litter (2003) MerryMac Xtra Special Edition – MerryMac Yahoo at Fardarrigh – 1 cataract at 7 yrs
W-litter (2004) O´Nut Glen Success for MerryMac – Fardarrigh Trick Or Treat – 1 cystinuria
Twelfth Night (2005) MerryMac Harry Boy – MerryMac Yahoo at Fardarrigh – 1 cataract at 6 yrs
X-litter (2006) MerryMac Push The Limit – MerryMac Yahoo at Fardarrigh – 1 cataract at 5 yrs
Z-litter (2006) Dearg Madra´s Eli Eli Oh – Fardarrigh Vernal Equinox
A-litter (2007) Dearg Madra´s Eli Eli Oh – Fardarrigh Way To Go – 2 x high cystin level
B-litter (2008) Benellie v. Irish Red – Fardarrigh Vernal Equinox
C-litter (2009) Fardarrigh Zero Tolerance – Fardarrigh Xtra Sec
D-litter (2010) Anluan Prince of Thieves – Fardarrigh Vernal Equinox – 1 x masticatory myocitis
E-litter (2011) Wirehaired Dachshund: Zekiwa Come on – Welmu Miss Zhili
F-litter (2011) Fardarrigh Blimey O´Reilly – Fardarrigh Xtra Sec – 1 x Distiachis, 1 x Cystinuria, 1 x Epilepsy.
G-litter (2013) Rockledge’s Flying Dutchman Irish Red – Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill – 1 x Cystinuria
H-litter (2013) Lurvendhalis Turambar – Fardarrigh Dodge The Bullet
I-litter (2014) Red Devil´s Irish Lucifer´s Fire – Fardarrigh Dressed To Kill – 2 x masticatory myocitis
J-litter (2016) Wirehaired Dachshund: Larhjelm´s Que Gunvald – Fardarrigh Emerald Isle
K-litter (2016) Red Devil´s Irish Lucifer´s Fire – Nezhnoye Plamya Zhritsa Pobedy

See the complete listing of my litters from the Finnish Kennel Club´s KoiraNet database