HeW-12 HeJW-12 JW-12 EeW-13 Betirish Extraordinary Finland Star

Born: 16th Nov, 2011
Died: September 2015
Sire: CIB & Multi Ch Fardarrigh Zero Tolerance
Dam: Multi Ch Alexis v.d. Emsmühle

Churro at Finnish Kennel Club’s Database KoiraNet

Breeder: Irene Axtaerandio Arrizabalaga, Spain

Churro is not available in stud at the moment – we want to use him first for our own bitch.


  • Irish Terrier Association of Finland, 2012: Specialty Show, Junior class EXC 4
  • Terrier Organization of Finland, August 2012: Junior class EXC 3
  • Helsinki International Mastery Show, August 2012: Best dog #2, Dog CC
  • Helsinki Winner Show, December 2012: BOB with CC, HeW-12, HeJW-12
  • Finnish Winner Show, December 2012: Best dog #2, CC, Junior Winner 2012
  • Turku International, January 2013: BOB, CC
  • Helsinki International Royal Canin Show, May 2013: BOS, CC, CACIB
  • Estonian Winner Show, June 2013: BOB, CC, CACIB, Estonian Winner 2012
  • Kotka International, June 2013: Intermediate class EXC 1
  • Karjaa National, July 2013: Best dog #2, CC
  • Oulu International 1, July 2013: BOB, CC, CACIB
  • Oulu International 2, July 2013: BOS, CC, CACIB


    • 19.2.2013
      heart auscultation: no heart murmur
      eye examination: no evidence of inherited eye diseases
      patellar luxation med.: 0/0
    • 28.3.2013
      COLA test, LaboKlin
      Cystine 77 µmol/gCrea
      Ornithine 70 µmol/gCrea
      Lysine 373 µmol/gCrea (Lysine is added in dog food, thus the value)
      Arginine 67 µmol/gCrea
    • Unfortunately Churro had many urinary track inflammations throughout his life and after several treatments and medications we no longer could help him. He was put down in 2015.

Mental test

  • LTE +70 p Helsinki 18th Oct 2014


Churro 3 months

4 months

Churro 6 months

Churro 9 months

At Finnish Terrier Specialty at 9 months

At 18 months

BOB in Helsinki Winner Show 2012

At 2 years, a new champion

BOB in Estonian Winner Show 2013